What is a Movement Practice?

At ABC, we've helped our clients find their best life by establishing a regular movement practice. So what is a movement practice?

A movement practice is a set of corrective exercises working toward larger, natural movement patterns like squatting, walking, and getting on and off the floor. All of these moves are key to being healthy and well! 

Through this process, we teach mindfulness, positivity, and growth. The key word here is "practice"... we don't preach perfection and emphasize this process takes time, observation, and patience! A movement practice is meant to change over time. 

Most importantly, we teach you to think through the process so you don't have to depend on us forever, but we are here for problem-solving and guidance whenever you need it! If you are ready to learn more about a movement practice, contact us to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today!


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Mindful Movement is For Everyone

At the core of our philosophy is helping our clients build a mindful movement practice.

A mindful movement practice is different from a typical fitness routine, but can be a great supplement to any type of exercise! In our years of experience, we've noticed mindful movement is one of the most overlooked components of health habits.

We teach that mindful movement is for everyone, from anyone who considers themselves an elite athlete to those who would describe themselves as couch potatoes.

Contact us today for a free consultation to set goals and learn what mindful movement can bring to your life!


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Want to Move Better? Start Here.

How much time do you spend thinking about how you move throughout the day? If you're not getting the health results you want, your movement is likely a huge factor! 

Movement really comes down to a matter of convenience... Today, moving more to accomplish daily tasks is viewed as an inconvenience. We now have access to devices serving the sole purpose of making our lives easier, from electronic kitchen appliances to phones, to vehicles. These devices externalize the work of our muscles, effectively outsourcing the work of our body. “Upgrading” to their product results in doing less work throughout our day. This is promoted by advertisers as a sign of status, progress, and luxury. A device that results in less work is the ultimate end goal and this message is thrown at us from every direction!

However, these "conveniences" come with a major downside...

Humans were intended to move. Our movement impacts not only our physical health but our mental health and overall...

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