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3 Simple Ways to Fit More Movement Into Your Daily Life

When I first started my training to become a movement coach, I was blown away by how simple adjustments tend to make the greatest impact. Adopting a movement-based lifestyle may sound initially intimidating. It tends to go against conventional thinking. Living a movement-based lifestyle involves making your life LESS convenient so that you move more throughout the day. Again, this sounds odd but pays off in the long run. You prioritize your physical health and as a result, spend less time spent “working out” because you are meeting your movement needs throughout your day. 

So, if you want to spend less time thinking about exercise and more time on the things you love, read on and try to implement at least one of the tips below.

1. Keep a clear movement space

Keeping a dedicated movement space in your home is an invitation to explore movement. By keeping this clear space, you are removing the obstacle of having to prep yourself a space for your restorative exercise each and every day. 

So take a few minutes to prep yourself a safe space to move in and this will pay off in the long run. A movement space is best kept simple. And keeping your movement space in a room where you spend a lot of time will encourage you to use it more often. 

To set up your space, clear yourself enough floor space to get on and off the floor. Keep a stack of throw blankets and cushions nearby to encourage floor sitting. Keep your movement tools, like your half foam roll and yoga blocks, in this space. The goal is to keep everything in a convenient location so you aren’t searching all over your house when you want to use it. 

2. Keep your movement tools in places you spend a lot of time

Another way to easily get more movement in your day is to keep a few of your movement tools in places where you spend a lot of time. Keeping a half foam roll and a tennis ball in front of your bathroom sink will encourage you to stretch your calves or roll out your feet while you brush your teeth. You can also keep movement tools in front of your kitchen sink to use while you are washing dishes, or at your desk as a reminder to take short movement breaks while you work. 

3. Turn sedentary activities into dynamic ones

There are plenty of overlooked opportunities to get more movement stacked into your day by using a little creativity to turn a sedentary activity into a more dynamic one. Sitting on the floor while watching a movie or your favorite show will encourage more floor mobility practice. Switch to audiobooks to allow you to do house chores or your daily movement practice while you read. If you aren’t a fan of audiobooks, you can also make your reading more dynamic by reading on the floor. For activities that require you to sit on a chair, try switching up the position of your legs, sit on your half foam roll, or squat on your chair instead. 

What tip can you implement today to encourage more movement in your daily life? 


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