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The Health Benefits of Floor Sitting


One of my favorite questions to ask new clients is, “When is the last time you sat on the floor ON PURPOSE?”

So, be honest, when is the last time you intentionally got yourself on and off the floor?

If you aren't doing this daily basis, you are actually missing out on a huge opportunity to maintain your strength and range of motion as you age. Getting yourself safely onto the floor takes your knees and hips through a greater range of motion than sitting in a chair. 

Beyond the act of getting on and off the floor, sitting on the floor has strengthening benefits as well. Floor sitting forces you to use the muscles of your trunk for support rather than sinking into the back of a chair or couch. And as another side benefit, you're much more likely to keep moving and changing positions while sitting on the floor.

Get stronger and more mobile without even being aware of it?! Yes, with floor sitting this is possible. The options are endless when you're not restricted by a chair.

Not only is floor sitting essential for anyone who is aging (and newsflash, this is all of us) but NEW MOMS, I'm looking at you! As soon as you are able, start getting on and off the floor with baby. This is a great opportunity to start to restore weak muscles from pregnancy and heal your core. 

What can you do to start incorporating more floor sitting into your day? Feel free to start with bolster or stacks of blankets as necessary until you build a tolerance for floor sitting, and most importantly be creative! The day will come when you will learn to choose floor sitting as your default option.


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