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Try This: Exercise for Grip, Core, and Shoulder Strengthening

Several years ago, a study found those who have greater grip strength are also less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. Research has also shown that weaker grip strength is associated with greater fall risk in older adults
So what is the lesson we can learn in this? Does this mean we should all just work to improve our grip strength to protect us from adverse health events?
Not exactly.
Grip strength doesn't exist in a vacuum. We can infer from the results of these studies higher grip strength is a good indicator of overall physical fitness. Those who are physically fit are less likely to experience heart disease and less likely to fall. The goal then is not grip strength alone, but to find activities that involve whole body movement. Hanging is essential to developing strong shoulder joints, and by proxy improve grip strength. Most of our shoulder joints don’t have the proper range and strength for overhead hanging (due to adaptations created by our environment). So, lateral hanging from a doorway is a great place to start (and most everyone can find access to a doorway).
Lateral hanging allows more control in beginning to explore activating your core while improving shoulder stabilization for overhead hanging. Depending on where you position your feet, your hand, and how much of your body weight you give to your arm you can change this exercise in an infinite number of ways. This is also a great exercise to try during pregnancy and especially for new moms to help find their core again. Simple, yet not easy. Try it every time you walk through a doorway today!

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